The Workshop Warrior

You run events to gather your tribe and share your message.

Workshops, seminars, intro sessions, networking nights, meet and greets, product pow-wows.

Call them what you want. Point is, you’re out there putting in the hard yards to make them happen.

You know the amazing opportunities they provide.

Your tribe. In one room.

Connecting with your message.

Connecting with you.

Connecting with each other.

So you’re fighting the good fight. Donning the armour and charging in to the battle of finding marketing strategies, venues, PowerPoint graphics, event plans, ticketing arrangements and inspirational quotes.

And the events? They are a’happening.


They’re not strengthening your brand…they should be.

They’re not easy to repeat once you’ve invested the inital effort…they should be.

They’re not creating additional business for you to make them worth it…they should be.

They’re not generating a buzz with your audience long after the gathering ends…they should be.

Something is amiss.

It might be your message…I can help with that.

It might be your delivery…I can help with that.

It might be your logistics…I can help with that.

It might be that you don’t know what you don’t know…I can help with that too.

This is where my heart lays – helping leaders connect and engage with their tribe so they can change the world together.

Whether you’re not getting the outcomes you want, don’t  know what outcomes you want, or just need some guidance to take your workshop to ‘next level amazing’, together we’ll make sure your workshops are working  in every way.