The Subject Expert

You know a lot of stuff about something. More than a lot.

So much more, in fact, that you’re an expert in it.

You realise other people want to know what you know, and you’re a sharing and caring kind of person, so you’re happy to let the knowledge out there.

Best way to reach the masses is to meet the masses, so you start presenting.

You know your subject matter back-to-front and inside-out. It’s a truly awesome topic. After all, you wouldn’t have dedicated your life and career to it if it wasn’t.

Turns out though, that while you’re an expert in your subject, you’re not an expert at presenting it.

You may be feeling this yourself.

Or you may be getting this feedback from your audience.

Or it may be that you’re getting nothing – no follow up on your message; no action taken by the people you’re talking to; no return attendances.

Like most things in life, presentations can go awry in a myriad of ways.

Here are some Examples

  • The academic who has a wall full of hard-earned qualifications in quantum computing – but constantly stands in front of the projector when delivering a lecture.
  • The talented, ground breaking researcher who needs to explain their research – but descends so deeply into what they’re doing (the stats, the methodology, the lab conditions) that the audience glazes over and can’t see why any of it matters to them.
  • The charity spokesperson who knows how to explain their story – but doesn’t back it with a clear, specific, undeniable call to action, so that’s all it is – a great story.  
  • The medical professional hosting a seminar on the lastest clinical intervention – but their delivery is so dry and boring that the audience is thinking about morning tea (or the weekend, or their next dental appointment…).

There are a thousand more

Think of any time you’ve been in a presentation and left it thinking ‘that guy/gal/unicorn sure knows their stuff’, but not had a single take-home/take-action message in your mind.

Think of any time you’ve been distracted by confusing storytelling, lack of explanation, bad slides, clumsy stage craft, poor pronunciation, lack of enthusiasm….too much enthusiasm.

Yes, knowledge, skills and expertise matter.

If you’re presenting what you know to two or more people,  presentation skills matter too.

There's a better way

Just as becoming a subject matter expert takes awareness, effort and commitment, so too does becoming a great presenter.

Yes, expertise matter. Why not honour the subject by presenting it well?

Better yet – why not deliver such a gang buster presentation that your audience remembers it, acts on it and tells others about it?

Even better yet – why not be not only the best in your field, but the best presenter in your field?

Stop getting in the way of your own expertise

Learn how to deliver your subject matter expertise clearly, authentically and consistently (for maximum hell yeah! impact).

Do it for your subject. Do it for your audience. Do it for yourself.

Become and expert in presenting your expertise. Get in touch today !