The Party Animal

Let’s get personal – weddings, parties, anything

Celebrations or commiserations – we humans love to do it all in groups, and nothing pulls together a gathering like a good speech.

Regardless of the event, be it a birthday, wedding, baby shower, divorce party or funeral, we want our speakers to connect the audience, stir our emotions, rouse our imaginations and, most importantly, honor our reason for gathering.

If you think about it then, speaking at an event is kind of a big deal…or it should be.  

Sure, you can jump up on stage, stumble through a few lines of celebration/thank yous/condolences, get heckled by your brother-in-law, laugh it off and slink away to the bar afterwards…but why would you?

Life may be short, but you don’t want to spend it being known as the person who gave ‘that awkward/nerve wracking/cringe-worthy/wildly inappropriate/long winded speech.

No, siree.

That is not an awesome way to live out your life on this mortal coil.

But, here’s the thing. You don’t have to be that person.

In fact, you’re NOT that person (I promise).

Whether you’ve been tapped on the shoulder to deliver a toast or you’re the one being ‘toasted’ we can work together to ensure you are calm, cool and collected while presenting a speech that:

  • embraces the moment
  • honours the occasion and
  • knocks the socks off anyone who is listening.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll even silence that heckling brother-in-law of yours.

To make an impact that will have you remembered for all the right reasons, contact me today.