The Curious George

Hey there, you inquisitive thing. You don’t need a Presentations Coach.

Not really.

You just saw my spiffy business card or stumbled across the site and thought you’d check me out.

However you arrived, welcome. It’s lovely to have you here.

Sometimes a bit of research and a scrummage around a website can confirm you’re on the right track. Or establish that you never, ever want to become good at a thing (I once landed on a site about taxidermy correction and, well, let’s just say it’s not on my ‘things to master’ list).

Before you click away...

…can I ask you a couple of questions?

  • Do you cringe when Joe from Accounting gets up to speak at the strategy meeting?
  • Have you attended workshops where the only thing you recall afterwards is how good the morning tea was?
  • Do you know someone who has changed jobs/moved countries/eloped/feigned illness to avoid speaking in front of more than two people? (or should have)

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then, you, my friend, know someone who needs my help.

Don’t be a passive bystander.

Don’t let their audiences suffer in silence.

Don’t let them keep getting in the way of their own message.

Shoot them my contact details, suggest they get in touch.

I’ll be kind, I promise. And the world will be a better place for it.

Join the fight to eradicate the world from poor presentations.