Do you need your team to pitch, present and persuade like the professionals they are?

Customised group training uncovers the presentation super powers within your team members*.

Training is designed to suit your needs, your goals, and your team so everyone in the room benefits, no matter where they’re at on their public speaking journey. 

You have a great team to represent your business. Let’s help them do it with confidence and professionalism.

Clearly. Authentically. Consistently.

(Those presentation super powers? I solemnly swear that we all have them – some are just a little more hidden that others, and I can help with that). 


I’d love to. Read on, and if you have ANY questions at all, please get in touch – I’m only a click away.

Who it's for.

Perfect if you:

  • Have team members that need to pitch, present or persuade**
  • Want training tailored to your needs, goals and team members, so that everyone can squeeze every ounce of benefit from it
  • Love training that builds positive team culture based on fun, shared experience, learning, development and growth
  • Are ready for your team to soar to great (presentation) heights.

(**Note: this is a trick point. EVERYONE in your team, actually, everyone in the WORLD does this – some better than others.) Let’s make your team the best.

What we'll cover.

Some of our most popular topics are listed below.

Can’t find exactly what you need?

No problem. I’m all about mixing things up. We can customise a course that’s just right for you and your team. 

Move Mountains

Craft your message and presentation for maximum impact.

Please don’t picture them naked.

Confidence skills to overcome your fear of public speaking (without any awkward visualisations).

Finessed to Fabulous

You’ve got the content. You’ve got the gig. Learn how to manage your nerves, build your confidence, refine your delivery and enjoy the moment!

Audience Taming

How to handle difficult audience members (hint: they’re not really being difficult).

Surviving the Dreaded Q&A

Many presenters hate the Question and Answer Session. Learn how to master it, look forward to it, love it.

How it works.

Training can be held at your office or at a dedicated training venue.

The timing and length will depend on what you’re hoping to achieve, the skill (and confidence level) of your team and any any dreaded logistics you need to work with to get everyone in the room (I understand this can be a challenge at times!).

You let me know what you’re after. 

I’ll ask you some background questions so I know exactly where you’re team is at in terms of presentation challenges and opportunities, and what you’re hoping to achieve from the training. I can also explain why you’ve made such a marvelous decision to empower your team with presentation training!

I’ll prepare a recommendation (fast) that shows how you can get the most bang for your buck. If you like what I’ve got, we’ll lock in a date and get cracking to uncover your team’s presentation super powers (and make sure they never get hidden again).

The dollars.

Training is customised for your organisation, team and budget so it’s hard to price it without the particulars.

Get in touch and we can discuss what you’re after.

I’ll wrangle the numbers and provide you with a no-obligation quote – fast.

It's Time.

Discover your team’s presentation super powers.

Get in touch. Make it happen.

Clarity, authenticity and consistency await.