Already delivering presentations?

Looking for the sort of feedback your brutally honest (but loving) grandmother will give you…but people won’t write on their comment forms?

A Presentation Health Check will provide you with critical insight into your weaknesses and strengths, supported by a roadmap to help you ditch the first and enhance the second on your journey to presentation perfection.

Clearly. Authentically. Consistently.

Tell me More.

I’d love to. Read on, and if you have ANY questions at all, please get in touch – I’m only a click away.

Who it's for.

Perfect for presenters who:

  • Are looking to finesse their current presentations, or, better yet, take them to the next level (bigger message, bigger audience, bigger impact).
  • Want to turn their existing free workshop or presentation into a paid gig and need guidance on how to do it
  • Know they can’t be at the front of the room presenting AND at the back of the room watching to see what their audience sees
  • Aren’t getting the results they want (i.e. the audience isn’t signing up/converting/engaging/cheering off-hook)
  • Know they need help, but aren’t sure where to start
  • The Workshop Warrior

What we'll cover.

Your Presentation Health Check will cover everything from your first promotion through to your final follow up email.

We’ll cover what you should stop doing, what you should keep doing and what you should start doing to be a presentation powerhouse.

You’ll receive analysis of your:

  • Promotion – message, marketing materials, channels
  • Logistics – timing, venue, room layout
  • Delivery – presentation skills, gestures, language
  • Content – story, examples, brand alignment, activities
  • Hand-outs
  • Audience impact – engagement, reactions
  • Plus a whole heap more.

How it works.

We’ll have a 30-minute consult via phone, Skype, or any fandangle new communication service of your choice.

We’ll get right to the heart of what you’re hoping to achieve from your presentation; identify the parts you love and the parts you think might be going a little astray (no worries if you’re not sure) and arrange a time for me to watch you in action.

I attend your presentation (Unobtrusively. Discreetly.) and develop a hit list of things you do well, things you do great and, of most value of all, actionable recommendations for improvement.

You’ll have new clarity on your strengths and a road map of suggestions to take your presentation to the next level.

The dollars.

Hard to say without the details of your presentation (timing, length etc.)

Get in touch and let me know the particulars.

I’ll wrangle the numbers and provide you with a customised, no-obligation quote – fast.

It's Time.

Get the feedback.
Learn your weaknesses. Ditch them.
Define your strengths. Enhance them.

Clarity, authenticity and consistency await.