Core Message Session

Need to cut through the hype to identify exactly what you do, who you serve and how you serve them (better than anyone else)?

A Core Message Session will provide you with the filter you need to ensure every decision you make honours your message and serves your tribe.

Clearly. Authentically. Consistently.

Tell me more.

I’d love to. Read on, and if you have ANY questions at all, please get in touch – I’m only a click away.

Who it's for.

Perfect if you’re:

  • Launching a new project and want to make sure it hits the mark with your target audience – first time and every time
  • Have a great big brilliant idea and want to be able to say it so clearly and profoundly that you don’t have to repeat yourself…because other people are so gosh-darn positively impacted that they’re spreading the word about you, for you
  • Know how important it is to build your core message foundation before short cutting to tactics and strategy (which eventually crumble without it because, well, see above)
  • Want to be so clear on who you are, who you serve and how you serve them that you can filter EVERY.SINGLE.BUSINESS.DECISION through that gloriously clear and simple core message

Not you? Hold on a sec.

It’s also great  if you’re super frustrated because:

  • You’ve been spreading the good word about your business for a while now, but you feel like it’s not getting through; or you’re not really nailing it; or it’s not quite ‘you’
  • You’re finding it hard to clearly articulate what makes you different from your competitors
  • You’re attracting clients that aren’t your ‘ideal’ (and are getting sick of the whole gig because of it)
  • What you’re getting back from your creative suppliers (think: web developers, graphic designers, copywriters) isn’t what you asked for (hint: there’s a chance they’re not ‘getting’ you because you’re telling them the wrong thing)
  • You’ve filled out a hundred ‘client avatar’ templates, read a million ‘know your tribe’ marketing blogs and have done a trillion branding exercises…but you’re yet to have a single ‘A-ha!/air-punching/I-totally-get-it/that’s-speaking-to-my-freakin’ soul’ moment

What we'll cover.

Your Core Message

We’ll do some soul searching. Some dream weaving. Maybe a little navel-gazing. And then we’ll cut through the woo-woo and get to the core of it all – who you are, what your value is, why you’re so unique your clients don’t even think you have competition because they want you and only you. Then we’ll package it into a message that you can refer to as your platform from here on in.

Audience Deep Dive

We dive into identifying who wants what you’ve got (and who you want to want what you’ve got).

Your tribe. Your ideal clients. Your people.

Call them what you want to call them.

Hell, by the end of the session you’ll know them so well you’ll be calling them what they want you to call them.

We’ll also work out why they won’t buy from you.

Yep, humans are weird, fickle creatures, with lots of objections to lots of things, even the things they should know and love (i.e. you).

Never fear, I eat ‘fickle’ for breakfast. We’ll identify ways to overcome their resistance so that not only will they be your ideal client, but you’ll be their ideal person.

Your Elevator Pitch/Networking Spiel/BBQ Speech

Core Message + Ideal Tribe = Time to Talk the Talk

We’ll come up with some go-to phrases on how you communicate your core message to the world.

We’ll make sure that when people ask you what you do, you’ve got something to say that is clear, authentic and consistent – with yourself, your core message and your brand. They’ll be saying ‘Hell yes! Tell me more! I want what you’ve got, AND I also know someone who wants what you’ve got‘ before you’ve had a chance to finish your canape/wine/snag and onions.

How it works.

You let me know you’re interested, and we set up a time and date for the Core Message Session that suits us both.

I’ll ask you some background questions so I know exactly where you’re at in your business journey.

If you’re just starting out, fabulous – we have a clean slate.

If you’ve been in the game for a while – that’s fabulous too (go you!). I’ll make sure we address any frustrations you might have faced in the past with trying to work out your core message, or if you’re trying to pivot your business direction completely.

I’m really passionate about this gig, and I want to make sure we nail it (you’ll never have to look up blogs about client avatars again!).

In this call,  I’ll also answer any questions you have.

Then, we’ll meet up, get cracking, and bring your powerful message to life so you can build the business you want, around the work you want to do, with the people you want to do it with.

A friendly ‘heads up’ – you may want to clear your schedule after the session so you’ve got time for world domination.

The dollars.

$285 per session | One on one session (90 minutes) + Audio + Report

It's Time.

Cut through the hype and get crystal clear on what you do, who you serve and how you serve them (better than anyone else).

Clarity, authenticity and consistency await.