Below are the bits & bobs and tools & links I use, recommend and love. No affiliations – just a whole lot of high fives for their usefulness in helping people get their grand ol’ message out to the world.  

Practice makes Perfect

Toastmasters International

Sometimes, you’ve just got to get up in front of an audience and say the things. When you want that audience to be kind, receptive and supportive (while giving you the constructive feedback you need to take your confidence and public speaking skills ‘next level’), then a local Toastmasters club is the place for you. 

Books, books, glorious books

The books below are so damn good they’ve survived my frequent (cut-throat, frenzied) bursts of minimalism and still retain a place on the shelf (hard copy and all)…

The Art of Gathering: Create transformative meetings, events and experiences | Priya Parker

This chick GETS it. Her mantra is ‘the way we gather matters‘ and she makes the rather acute and spot-on observation that ‘…we spend much of our time in uninspiring, underwhelming moments that fail to capture us, change us in any way, or connect us to one another.’ Then, she tells us how to change that dire state of affairs. Oh, how it speaks to my heart. A beautiful guidepost for planning any event that involves people (so…..any event).  

Best for: Understanding how purpose and audience shape…everything.

Resonate: Present visual stories that transform audiences | Nancy Duarte

This book is ‘the one’ that set me skipping down the pathway of becoming a presentation coach. I found it in a garage sale and the whole world suddenly made sense. You can get it as an e-book, but buy the ‘real thing’. It’s got rather lovely graphics (as it should) and you’ll want to hold it, flip back and forth, and keep it on your desk when you’re stuck on a great big presentation question and want to know ‘what would Nancy do?’.

Best for: understanding audience-focused presentations; case studies of great talks; structure, storytelling and technique.

When content in King

Crafting the words….