Long story, short.

Hi there, I’m Claire.

Coach, workshop guru, message maven and lover of all things ‘communication’.

I believe clear messages, delivered well, make the world go ’round.

So much so that I help soul traders, founders and entrepreneurs craft and deliver theirs.

Whether it’s for a presentation, an elevator pitch, a personal speech or a manifesto – I make it easy to identify the core message, wrangle the words to bring it to life and set the scene for a dynamite delivery that wows the right audience, at the right time, so they sit up, take note and act.

Got a message the world needs to hear? Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

Clearly. Authentically. Consistently.


This is the part where I bare my soul and explain why I became a message coach.

It’s kind of a niche job. In fact, if you Google it, the search engine that rules the world doesn’t even rate it.

And when I get all wild and throw the title out into the ether at social events without a follow up elevator pitch explaining how I actually help people communicate, well, let’s just say it’s not uncommon for people to hope I said ‘massage coach‘ and line up for a back rub (consequently I am a big believer in the elevator pitch). 

So why do it?

I could go into my background as a communication expert and tell you about all the jobs I’ve worked in where my main objective has been to influence, persuade, inform, motivate and educate.

I could outline all the industries I’ve worked in, from not-for-profits (disability services) to all-for-profits (mining companies) to hope-for-profits (start ups, entrepreneurs and trail blazers).

I could go on and on about how no matter what the industry or issue, people are people and clear messages, delivered well, let good things happen.

I could explain my love of branding and of writing; of problem solving; of inspired public speaking; on-target communication plans, good signage, great customer service, well-organised gatherings, well-crafted messages and well-executed engagement strategies.

I could say I picked this path because it’s what I’m trained for, have experience in and am damn good at.

All those things would be true. But the real reason I decided to specialise in helping people get to their core message and then deliver it for impact is this:

I love it.

Nerdily, completely, joyfully, absolutely freaking love it.

It rocks my world. Floats my boat. Lights a fire in my belly.

It’s more than ‘just’ writing, or ‘just’ branding, or ‘just’ marketing. It’s more than ‘just’ presentations, or ‘just’ workshops or ‘just’ education. It’s the core of it all.

When you’re crystal clear on what you want to say, all those other things fall into place.

And I know some people hate it. Or don’t quite get it. Or are so busy doing really fabulous things out there in this amazing wide world of ours (or want to be) that they don’t quite have the time to work it all out.

I’ve spoken to too many founders who struggle with crafting their message so it’s consistent from the very first promotion through to the final feedback survey.

Who aren’t sure how to find their audience. Or who, on finding their audience, spend an inordinate amount of time capturing their attention…and then never see them again.

Trail blazers who know what they want to say but can’t quite work out how to say it in a way that isn’t ‘sales-y’. In a way feels like ‘them’.

Often, these go-getters are rather brilliant specimens of humanity, with an amazing product, or story or idea. Thing is, they’re so damn good doing what they do, so busy spreading the good word and fighting the good fight, that that’s where their energy is, and they need help working out how to hone in on their key message, so that it’s clear, strong and undiluted.

So that it guides every interaction they have with their tribe.

So that they don’t get in the way of it, but instead let it take flight.

And that’s where I come in.

I help those amazing people.

I do what I’m good at (message design and coaching) so they can show the world what they’re good at.

I believe that when messaging is done well – when our messages are clear, authentic and consistent – with ourselves, our brand and our audience – the world is our oyster.

I bet if you’ve read this far down, you’re one of those amazing people – looking for a little help.

You’ve come to the right place.

I can help you too.

In fact, I’d love to.

Because this is where my heart lays – helping sole traders, entrepreneurs, founders, trail blazers and generally fab individuals craft and deliver their message –

Confidently. Authentically.  Consistently.

So here I am.

Claire Quarrell, The Message Maven.

Thrilled at the thought that we can wrangle your message together.

Claire is a masterful communicator: whether in her role as professional speaker, group facilitator, or writer, she employs a warm and engaging style to gain her audience's attention and deliver her message effectively.
Cheryl Sykes
Consultant | Researcher | Service Designer

What I can do for you

Workshop? Fundraising Pitch? Keynote speech? Business presentation? Elevator spiel?
Core message strategy? Master of Ceremonies gig? Life speech?

I can help you write it, design it, deliver it and review it.

I know it’s  likely that you’re strong in some areas and not-so-much in others.
Love being on stage but need help with your story?
Have your message down pat but need confidence to get it in front of an audience?

No worries. I customise my services to meet your needs. Some are listed below.
Pick and mix as you please, or get in touch and I’ll rustle up something tailored just for you.


Cut through the hype.

Identify exactly what you do, who you serve,
and how you serve them
(better than anyone else).


Pinpoint a challenge and focus on that, or master the whole presentation trifecta ‘craft, stand and deliver’.

Your needs. Your goals. Your style. Your win.


Fine-tune your presentations with the sort of feedback your brutally honest grandma gives
(but people won’t write on their comment forms).


Get in the room.
Learn the stuff.
Break through the barriers.
Conquer the world.

Claire is a masterful communicator: whether in her role as professional speaker, group facilitator, or writer, she employs a warm and engaging style to gain her audience's attention and deliver her message effectively.
Cheryl Sykes
Consultant | Researcher | Service Designer